PEN Strategy Consulting Group is running this Commercial Case-law Data Access Dashboard project to enhance and strengthen the use of Prishtina Basic Court’s Commercial Matters Department (sometimes referred to as the Economic Department), Court of Appeals and Supreme Court’s commercial practice over the last three years in a system of know-how that provides the user with categorized, key-worded, theme-based, legislative bases locator of interpretative standards developed by the court in its own case-law. Digitalization refers to the act of collecting all archived commercial case dossiers, identifying decisions of merit in each of those dossiers, redacting personal data according to the Law on Personal Data, scanning court decisions and associating each section of those decisions with specific keywords that represent ‘contestations’, ‘legal bases’, ‘type of violations’, fields of law on which contestations have relied, etc.

The Project will first scan all judgments for the last three years in Commercial Matters Department archive at the Prishtina Basic Court. Prior to each scanning is personal data reduction process, which includes deletion of all personal information before judgments are scanned. A personal-data protocol, as required by the Law on Personal Data Protection and as witnessed by the Agency for Information and Privacy, will ensure that this process will not retain from the scanned files any data that is not public. Once scanning has been finished in the Basic Court, the same activity will be replicated in the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. All scanned documents will be saved in a safe server provided for by the project. Once scanning is completed, staff have deconstructed/composed keywords associated with each scanned document. Parallel to that, a member of the Team supported by a solution-driven company, will design the Dashboard in a software language that is easy to update in the upcoming years. Upon finalization of the Dashboard, all documents will be uploaded and associated with the keywords, and then published. The Team will run a training and advocacy session with all business community stakeholders to train them on the use of the Dashboard, and will communicate the relevance of the Dashboard in a social media campaign. The Project is supported by MFK, initially, and, after two years, we will explore the opportunity for making access to the Dashboard subscription based. Initial subscription plans will be gratis, however, after some time, we will introduce minimal fees for subscription plans.

We have teamed up with a diverse group of people, bringing in lawyers, computer science engineers, non-majority community members (both Serbian and Roma), two women and a professor of law. The principle of diversity of the group is a great example of inclusiveness in a project that entails not only entrepreneurship values but also a multi-ethnic perspective of intervention in common rule of law interests. Our Team comprises of majority young people most of whom are at an early stage of market placement, and all of whom see this opportunity not only as an entrepreneurship but also as a career building activity. Our Team will implement this project jointly, however a minimum share of labour protocol has been put in place.

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